Saturday, December 27, 2008

We're becoming shut ins

So, we decided not to travel about 60 miles to a family thing tonight. No biggie, right? Well, other family members are doing it and they have three times as far to go.

I think the family thinks we're a bunch of jerks (or they just blame me as I'm the inlaw).

But, here's the deal. Charming here sees all the accidents every day. He knows who was killed where, how, when and what the weather was like. He knows that often you don't need to worry about yourself, but about the other idiot on the road driving too fast, to crazy, too drunk. And he doesn't want to travel a distance in crappy weather.

More knowledge changes what we do. Sometimes I miss the old days when we would drive in a blizzard just because we wanted pizza THAT BAD.

But I like living safer better. I think. And if we aren't the life of the party anymore... oh well.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Police family

Something that really frustrates me is the lack of closeness in my local police family. Sure, some of us hang out and are pretty tight, but it seems like egos and politics or personal beefs seem to screw things up sometimes.
I'll be frank, there are some members of my local police family that I don't adore. But here's the deal... like them or not, if someone rips on them I'm going to stick up for them. I wish I knew they would do the same for me.
I've tried to have get togethers, wife things... anything to bring the local cop wives closer together. Some people play along, but it's the same group. I'd like to incorporate everyone and really have a tight cohesive department. We're small enough that I think it would really benefit everyone. But, I can't figure out how to do it. Maybe some people will just never join in the fun and I need to accept that and move on.
Not really sure where I'm going with this, but I wanted to just vent I think.