Thursday, February 26, 2009

Public/Private life

I find myself in an interesting place.

With my business, I must live a fairly public life online. Just goes with the territory of my business (you can see it here if you must). I'm mostly great with that.

With blogging, same thing. I'm pretty okay with people knowing me.

But, for some reason I really HATE my neighbors knowing me since I don't know alot of them. I hate that people know that we are a police family and know my name when I don't know theirs.

It makes me uncomfortable to be so known locally when I don't know all of them. I don't like people knowing who my kids are and who their daddy is locally, but online I could care less.

Kind of a strange combination. I wish I could live a hermit's life sometimes. With high speed internet.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Toilets, burglars... must they go hand in hand?

It's a holiday, yay!
That means BD will be here all day AND get paid, my favorite kind of day. Plus it is our wedding anniversary tomorrow and I had some serious plans!

Huge relief because we have 2 clogged toilets that he has been ignoring and I'm going to have to start using a friggin' log if he doesn't hop to.
So, BD starts taking apart the toilet and...

You knew what was going to happen!
Batphone rings and some moron just HAD to rob a few stores last night. Of course, the detective is needed and so off he goes.

Now, I'm not really mad about that. Sure, I'm peeved that he snapped at me when I asked if he needed to go (mostly because I wanted to pack him a lunch, but grumpy men do not get special lunches from me), and I am not happy about the fact that my toilet is super unusable now.

I'm mostly just entertained/irritated at the criminals in the area. I SWEAR they have monthly meetings that go something like this:

Dirtbag 1: So, uh, Jim Bob, I was gonna vandalize the Dairy Queen next week, is that cool or did you want it?

Dirtbag 2: No, Jim Ray, you can have it. I've been eyeing the Artic Circle for awhile.

Dirtbag 1: You are so thoughtful! Hey, where did you have your mullet dyed at? I have some serious root regrowth and it just will not do.

Dirtbag 2: There is this lovely spa up on Farnsworth...

(Dirtbag 3 bursts in the trailer)

Dirtbag 3: Guys! It is a HOLIDAY tomorrow! That means Det BD will be home! Plus, it is his wedding anniversay the next day and his wife has some big plans that she will need the entire day for! Lets do something really big and stupid, but not big and stupid enough to make us go to jail for any serious amount of time. Just something that a lenient judge will give us a month or so and probabation for!

Dirtbags 1 and 2: Yay! Okay, lets break into the store up the street, and steal just a hundred bucks, but break some crap! Perfect!

(Off they go into the night.)

I hope it goes that way. Otherwish God is having a good laugh at my expense right now...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The wife protocol

So, there has been some internal drama at the office lately and while I'm not really freaked about it, it has reminded me that things CAN happen to officers and their families just because they are families. I am trying to find some ideas for the following:

Personal family protocol if we are with Big Daddy and something not so great happens (like in a public place)

Protocol if a freak shows up at the door looking for Big Daddy (this one has occured, but I want to be prepared for the ones I can't scare away with a dirty look and my big mean voice)

Some sort of phone tree for the wives if a big event occurs

A set plan for if something happens to one of the boys and a wife needs some help in the immediate aftermath

A guide for my eldest if there is an incident and she is not with us (ie at school)

Maybe I'm being silly, but I really love to have plans in place. I find it soothing. So far Big Daddy has given me very specific instructions on the first issue, but I want to make sure I work on the kids with that so they don't blow his cover or anything like that.

Monday, February 2, 2009

A loss

Saturday we had a big day planned. Right as we were heading out the door, the Batphone rang. (Bit of humor, the 6 and three year old both sighed and said, "great, a body." Sadly, this was unwittingly morbid humor from the kids).

Big Daddy (bear with me, I'm trying out a new nickname here) had to go to an unattended death. That part was no biggie, but what was big was what I had to do next.

I get that this is really only important to me, but it is important nonetheless.

I hauled the kids out to the event, I took Big Daddy's place as well as I could and I covered for him. I didn't want to. I wanted to just stay home and can the day, but I realize I can't do that. I can't make the kids lives revolved around their Papa's schedule. It isn't right and it won't help our family down the road. So, I did it on my own, something I knew nothing about. I was scared but I did it!

When Big Daddy finished his work up he caught up with us. I could tell he was happy to be with us, but felt bad because he missed his daughter's first tournament (she got 2nd place in it btw). He missed a big deal... but he had too. He was helping another set of parents cope with the loss of their little one. I don't know how he copes with that. I think he was upset that he wasn't more broken up over it, but I say that he is just learning to cope with a terribly sad part of his job.

Things like this will happen for the rest of my kids lives with their Daddy. I need to keep doing what I'm doing and learn to be the Mom and Dad when necessary.