Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Just out of curiosity...

I've found that a lot of police officers tend to marry a certain type of woman. Teachers, social workers, dispatchers, EMTs, etc...

I'm the type of person that likes to do little experiments. I guess it's to keep the brain active, but a college professor once told me (I was his secretary for over 3 years while getting my bachelor's) that I have an "unquenchable thirst for knowledge" which must be why I loved being a teacher before choosing to be a stay-at-home mom (SAHM).

I'm certified in secondary history and English education, and caught the teaching bug while student teaching under my old 6th grade teacher. I taught 7th grade Social Studies (and am horrible with geography, so that was a challenge!). My husband (whom will now be known as Fauxhawk or FH for short) also loves history, which first attracted me to him. We're kind of nerds, but at least we still value our personal hygiene and we don't really look the part.

I was able to recognize the police bug FH caught when he became a police officer because I had it happen to me in teaching. I'm keeping my credentials up while I'm a SAHM, but I still miss the teaching atmosphere. I substitute occasionally, but now that I have more children, it's harder to work everything out and still enjoy myself (crazy that a substitute teacher would actually enjoy themselves, eh?!).

I hope this doesn't appear as asking something too personal. I've just noticed while participating in the blogging world of cop wives, I've found some kindred spirits (corny I know, but I LOVE Anne of Green Gables) and am curious what else we have in common and if there's a link between certain types of people that are married in the cop world.

I'm also curious if your officer became an LEO before or after you met. I've known FH for over 9 years now, 5 1/2 of which we've been married and 1 1/2 of those have been as an LEO.

Lots to handle, I know, but it would be SO nice if you could satisy this bit of curiosity for me. I can't wait to see the results!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Washing my hands of things

So, I am just going to let this out so I can let it go.

A few weeks ago I saw one of the officers commit a misdemeanor. Not a big deal, except it is actually a growing problem deal for the dept that involves other people. Overall, it shouldn't be happening. But, this has happened a LOT and it just irks me because the community sees it and knows about it and it gives off a sense of, "the police only have to obey the law when they feel like it." Just feels wrong and unfair.

Anyhow, BD told me that someone would interview me about this. No one has. He told me to sit tight and be patient and I did. Now I'm done with it. If the dept is going to sweep it under the rug, fine, not my problem.


In order for it to not be my problem anymore, I need to just wash my hands of it. Be done with it and not care.

So, here is me forgetting what I saw, forgettting whens and wheres. Gone and done with it. If the dept is okay with having that rep, that is fine with me.

Hands washed, vent over, moving on.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Anyone ever see these you tube videos?

There are 7 parts, I only posted the 1st one.