Monday, March 29, 2010

Behind the Badge: A spouse’s job is just as tough

Behind the Badge: A spouse’s job is just as tough

This article is a little long, but worth the helps a lot. I love FISH and I trust his skills that they will keep him safe every day.


Meadowlark said...

As the resident "annoying b*tch" I'm going to admit that I have some very strong reservations about this subject.

I know what we do can be tough. But for me personally (and yes, I know I'm old and crotchety) I think that my part is far easier than being in the trenches. For me (not for the rest of you, I'm just saying for ME) saying that my job is just as tough as his, seems a bit trivializing of what he does.

Yes, it makes me feel better. Yes, it makes me a bit of a martyr. Yes, it makes me feel like we're a team and when I listen to him it's JUST. LIKE. I. SAW. IT. TOO. Which it isn't. So, I'm just throwing this out here. And I swear I'm not trying to stir up trouble, but have you ever wondered what the officers think when you say that? I mean, our husband's are all supportive and "yes honey, you are the backbone" but do you ever wonder what the others think? I do.

K. I'll delete this soon so ya'll can't hate on me too much ;)


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