Wednesday, April 7, 2010

LEO Exposure to Meth

As I was browsing my facebook account this morning, trying to get the motivation to get out of bed, I came across this link from an old friend I graduated with:

A $6.oo Lifesaver for the non-profit MethCops Program

What I didn't know until about a year ago, he's also Dog, the Bounty Hunter's son. I saw him on TV and couldn't hardly believe it. Wes has an amazing story, though it's not for the faint of heart yet shows how strong of a person he's become.

I digress. Going back to the MethCops Program mentioned above, some of those interviewed described similar struggles that I've seen in FH as well as other local officers.

For instance, after a major drug bust over a year ago, FH was sick for days afterwards and some of the other officers involved developed asthmatic conditions and similar physical symptoms. Meth is a huge problem in this little community, and after watching the youtube video on the link above, I'm wondering if some of FH's anger, headaches, and out-of-character reactions are a result of this exposure.

It's definitely worth taking a looksy at, and I'm intrigued about learning more about the program.