Wednesday, April 7, 2010

LEO Exposure to Meth

As I was browsing my facebook account this morning, trying to get the motivation to get out of bed, I came across this link from an old friend I graduated with:

A $6.oo Lifesaver for the non-profit MethCops Program

What I didn't know until about a year ago, he's also Dog, the Bounty Hunter's son. I saw him on TV and couldn't hardly believe it. Wes has an amazing story, though it's not for the faint of heart yet shows how strong of a person he's become.

I digress. Going back to the MethCops Program mentioned above, some of those interviewed described similar struggles that I've seen in FH as well as other local officers.

For instance, after a major drug bust over a year ago, FH was sick for days afterwards and some of the other officers involved developed asthmatic conditions and similar physical symptoms. Meth is a huge problem in this little community, and after watching the youtube video on the link above, I'm wondering if some of FH's anger, headaches, and out-of-character reactions are a result of this exposure.

It's definitely worth taking a looksy at, and I'm intrigued about learning more about the program.


Mrs. Deputy said...

Meth has to be the one drug I have the biggest problem with. {not that I use it} But its the drug that Mr Deputy's Ex wife got hooked on and I saw the effects it had on her unborn Daughter.

Mr Deputy has never dealt with a Meth lab in our county so far but on Car stops etc Meth is almost ALWAYS found.

I couldnt imagine Mr Deputy being effect by the drug just being in contact with it. I will have him check out that link!

Seeking Grace on the Narrow Path said...

Mr. Man has worked in a large city that has a lot of meth. The department is so good about keeping the guys up to date with classes on this terrible drug. Our jobs as wives is to pray for their protection and to make sure they can trust us to be their silent partner. Praying for you and FISH.
God bless.

Rebecca said...

I came by to see if there be any proud cop daddy mentioning. Baby? How are you? Meth is so bad. I dated a guy who lived with a room-mate who turned meth user. Creapy. We have no meth labs out our way. Will check out the link. Thanks for sharing.