Friday, July 16, 2010

We aren't the ones driving the bus

I thought I would update on the post I made previously. About the family who had a terrible tragedy 1 week ago today.

Today, the sweet little one who was injured has returned to her Father in Heaven.

So many thoughts about this.

First and foremost is of course true sorrow for this family and a great deal of respect for the composure and grace they have shown throughout this week. Thousands of people have been reading their blog daily, writing to them and praying for this little girl to recover, hoping a miracle would happen.
I respectfully submit perhaps it did and we just don't see the full extent of that miracle yet. And I say that based on what her brave parents has said about the past week.
But, at this time, in this deeply powerful and personal moment for this family; I feel like a Peeping Tom intruding on what can only be described as their Sacred Ground. And I need to get off their ground and return to a respectful distance while they mourn the loss of a dearly precious one.

The next thoughts I have are for the ones who tried to save this dear child, from the good samaritan to the first responders (cops, emts, fire fighters) to the doctors and nurses. They all did their very best work, I am quite certain of it.
But I am afraid that some blame themselves for this sad outcome. That they have thoughts of, "Maybe I didn't do enough," or "If only I had been faster, stronger..."
I worry for the ones who have been losing sleep over this, and hanging any of their self-worth on the outcome of this situation.
Because that would be wrong to do.

We aren't the ones driving this bus.
Not a single person on this earth can really definitively say why this had to happen now, to this little one.
No one can go back in time and undo what was done.

None of us are in control at the end of the day and occasionally the Good Lord, in His Infinite Wisdon, must take all of us by the hand and walk us down a road we don't want to walk; for reasons we won't understand until we've reached the end of that particular path.
We don't have control over it so we may as well sit down in our seat, look out the window, and let the bus driver drive.

I am so proud of everyone who worked so hard to help this family and I hope they know that no one sees them as having failed. We all know you did your best, please know it too.

And please, our LEO friends and family out there, pray for this family during this private, SACRED time in their lives and pray for our family in blue (and the good samaritan and every person who did their best to save this little one) so they can heal also.

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Snickering Corpses said...

Very well said, all around.

Someday, we *will* know the why, when we know as we are known. Until then, we trust that there IS a why, though we cannot see it.