Sunday, November 28, 2010

What Cop Wives Want (and Need)

Well, I'm back from being MIA in blogland and received this awesome article from my fellow copwife, blogging pal Momma Val.

It's titled, "What a Woman Wants from Her Man: Advice for the Cop Who Wants to Keep His Woman"

It shares the basic needs that suddenly seem to no longer take precedence at times when married to a cop. This is a generalized statement, and maybe you're one of the extreme fortunate ones that have never had to deal with a relationship adjustment with you fella in blue, but I can speak from personal experience that this article is true.

Here's a snippet from the article, yet it's all worth a read (italics added):

Simply put, women need to feel loved. A women feels loved when she is number one in her partner's life. She needs to know he values her over the job, friends,
coworkers, hunting, golf, his mom, and the kids. If a woman perceives she takes
second place in any area of her man's priorities, she will start to build a wall
that protects her emotionally. She will pull away and not see her man as a safe
person she can trust with all of her vulnerabilities. If she does not feel safe
and loved by her man she will then begin to deny her need to feel loved, or
worse, get the need met someone else. Either way the relationship suffers when
this dynamic occurs and will often lead to the relationship ending. Again I will
say, in order for a woman to feel loved she needs to feel
first in her man's

What have you found that works for your needs getting met?